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“Lens”portable face detection machine


HillSun’s portable face detection machine, can carry out face deploy and  control, license plate recognition ,vehicle analysis, and identification tracking anytime. Flexible deployment of the airport, subway, temporary checkpoint and other important entrance, and specific mobile site and limited space. To carry out the special tasks such as control, criminal investigation, surveillance and investigation, and security check etc.


System features

Advanced algorithm, feature comparison, smaller than file, and faster comparison.

Quick and high rate of face capture: up to 20 frames per second.

Multipoint face localization, effectively reduce the influence of decorations on face positioning, and enhance face recognition accuracy.

Portable, high integration, and support the data analysis of face, license plate and track etc.

Application scenarios

Subway, high-speed railway station, airport security checkpoint. Rapid deployment can be implemented to identify suspicious vehicles.

Seamless connection with individual equipment, it auxiliary to high-speed rail, metro police to check the suspicious personnel.

24 hours non-dead of angle monitoring to help arrest the suspects in the hotels, shopping malls, internet cafes and other entertainment venues.