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 IDCN all in one machine


This product is based on the fully open and distributed IP network architecture, import the core technology and design idea of cloud computing and cloud storage, and use powerful processing platform performance. It can easily realize the access front-end of analog , IP , digital HD and hybrid, etc. And can be based on the difference of application network modeling, with the simple superposition of multiple devices, the elastic capacity of system access capacity is easily realized. With characteristics of high integration, high reliability, scalability strong, can be widely used in financial, public security, electricity, transportation, energy, education, large parks, building monitoring , medical and other industries of  monitoring system.


System features


The series of products maximum real-time access up to 80p, 1080p HD network video,or 160 way 720p HD network video,For D1 standard video, more concurrent access to over 320 channels.

Maximum support 60 way 1080p HD video(or 120 way 720p video)of real-time decoding.

Built-in digital matrix:

The system supports the function of digital matrix, It offers many digital matrix functions such as single screen multi-screen, logical large-screen, screen overlay, superposition overlay, video scheduling, etc. A series of product devices can work together through a simple network interconnection to support a television wall made up of more block displays.

Image seamless splice:

Support multiple lenses to be stitched together into one lens;  After splicing, the camera can be viewed in real time, playback and other functions in video management platform.

Environment protecting:

Low power consumption, single equipment is the same type of products power consumption 3/1.

Random expansion capacity:

Multiple iDCN devices can be superposition, and the cascade has completed the telecommunications level of video streaming network, flattening and distributed network architecture, support the cloud computing,  storage and browsing.