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Public security (SWAT) operational conductor training platform


The combat command training platform has a real-time, intuitive, comprehensive and detailed guidance and analysis on the tactical exercises. The process of making tactical drills with the characteristics of the scientific, information-based and intelligent, which can realize real-time tactical deployment, observation, data recording and intelligent analysis function, can effectively enhance actual combat and remote command ability, improve the treatment success rate of violent crime, improve citizen social security, and better safeguard social public security environment.


System composition

Gun control system:Use the advanced mode of Internet of things, and use of electronic tag and facial recognition technology, loading and unloading direction and time of guns detail information, such as effective, accurate,  intelligently identify and uploaded to the command training system. To realize the information management of guns and improve the level of guns safety management.

Personnel location system :The mature positioning management system is applied to the management of personnel, and realize the tracking and analysis of personnel movement trajectory.

Training intelligent analysis system:Including track record analysis, shooting behavior analysis, motion correction suggestion, physical sign state analysis, etc.Training intelligent analysis system:Including track record analysis, shooting behavior analysis, motion correction suggestion, physical sign state analysis, etc.

Tactical task layout management:Display by 3D electronic map, combined with the actual scene images, assisted with the use of touch screen teaching to conduct tactical interpretation.

Tactical exercise management:Carry out analysis research, summary display. Combine with tactics interpretation, playback and video edit, presentation of multimedia and courseware.

System features

Large capacity  network camera of access capability, and simplified background system.

With IDCN as video processing platform, provide demand video information.

The loading software realizes the combat training command system information, which can meet the requirements of video command of combat training.

Guide to instructors and recorder can watch live-fire drills remotely, reduce on-site personnel, and enhance the team’s on-site induction.

Full view of the various scenes of the drill, such as breaking the door, falling down, sniping, etc.

Comprehensive record, objective evaluation, comprehensive comparison the exercise effect.

System function

The viewing, teaching, conducting and explaining of large or comprehensive competition activities.

The camera can switch, monitor, capture, video and linkage on the electronic map.

Unified planning and management, tactical deployment, real-time observation, summary of demonstration \ virtual combat exercise (Reds Fights Blues).

Configure the personal role when making a plan(information、equipment etc)Indoor personnel location (People moving track).

The evaluation data of training (Include bullet trajectory record analysis,Shooting behavior analysis,Corrective recommendation of action,Physical characteristics of analysis etc).

Interconnectivity, interoperability, realization of image resource sharing, effective data management, analysis and research.