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Railway remote viewing control platform


The railway remote viewing control platform is set up the supervision center in the operation area. Integrated management platform of centralized and unified management belongs such as moving ring system, video monitoring, intelligent analysis, perimeter prevention patrol, railway, entrance guard etc. And realize the alarm linkage between multiple subsystems, remote regulation, remote control, etc. The multistage three-level network management architecture, support mobile client alarm prompt and remote supervision function. Finally to realizes the railway unattended, provide the safety of railway operation and efficiency greatly.

System composition

Monitoring center system:Video monitoring of important areas, to provide WEB browsing, multichannel image processing, display, the functions of camera control and user management, control mechanism, priority system has the function of grouping, the functions of videos, search and playback, the event log function.

Remote control system:The field device can receive remote control instructions sent by the monitoring center, and implement the front-end equipment operation of the deploy/withdrawal, alarm status and alarm threshold setting according to the instructions.

Communication system:Full system linkage, for daily operation and any situation can inform all staff and passengers immediately in railway station.

Foreign object prevention system:24 hours of foreign object prevention system monitoring for important railway line areas to ensure the safe operation of railway.

Alarm system:The alarm system is connected with each subsystem in real time, according to the alarm threshold parameters of each system, and real-time feedback warning signal.

Intelligent patrol inspection system:Automatic capable inspection, regular detection, real-time infrared detection and environmental status monitoring, etc.

System features

By using the network to realize the network construction in railways bureau and railway station, unified dispatching and unified management are realized, and digital management is provided for the whole railway system.

Network video monitoring system will be collect the video by  front end camera through the network video server, relying on the rail network to transmit video to the monitoring center, and the managers can monitor at any time.

Real-time detection of intrusion behavior generate alarm information, and triggered sound and light of warning signal, to realize application management  statistical analysis and storage backup such as alarm information, alarm processing information, alarm video and  device status information management etc. Support the field equipment condition monitoring, fault diagnosis and remote control.

The system is designed and planned in a comprehensive and reasonable way for the timely detection and timely processing of alarm linkage.

The whole system is interconnected, the public security network is conducive to emergency alarm, and the monitoring line helps solve the problem.

System function

Automatic completion of the railway inspection information collection, measurement, control, protection, measurement and detection functions etc.

Visual image of monitoring inspection., query the inspection route, personnel, time, inspection points and other records, automatically generate the patrol and export the report.

Environmental monitoring includes weather forecast, wind precipitation judgment, high temperature area monitoring etc. And alarm of abnormal environmental parameters.

The foreign object prevention system of electronic map can display the current status. After the alarm, the system will visual prompt, and popover provides a variety of alarm methods.

The implement access control in the key door of station, real-time monitoring the switch status of each door.

Monitoring fire host of dry contacts alarm state, when the dry contact signals (such as main switch alarm, gas alarm, fire alarm, etc.) when the alarm, the ring system will immediately report to the police, and notify the railway station management personnel.