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Video and audio networking monitoring platform


With rapid development of China’s economy, and greatly improve of people’s living level, the personal car increasing by double digits every year. Corresponding has million examinee to join the drive test each year. Vehicle as the normal traffic tool, it closely linking with people’s life. But it is also possible to threaten people’s lives for various reasons, such as improper operation. Therefore crucial driver examination, need to establish a set of scientific, rigorous, intelligent evaluation and monitoring system, and video as the most intuitive site record information, will provide important means for the evaluation and monitoring, to avoid mistake as much as possible, and the influence of artificial factors.


System function

Access to all kinds of video cameras in the traffic control industry, complete the data storage, decoding, forwarding, intelligent analysis and build the integrated audio and video monitoring platform. Implement video networking and data call requirements of various departments, realize the functions of the quality detection collection of people, vehicle , data. Supervision, evaluation and recording of the traffic management system. When the image is missing, and keep out of abnormal happens can timely to alarm prompt, ensure regulatory video data availability of face recognition system can effectively to monitor student learning class and prevent their stead behavior happened in the process of driving test with the electronic drive test software seamless docking, realize information sharing. The video can be recorded at the beginning and end of the exam period to ensure the validity of the video and reduce the backstage storage. The video data is stored according to the information of the examinee, which is convenient for the information of the examinee to query the video, and also facilitates the file backup of the video data.

System feature

 The integrated audio and video supervision platform equipment has the characteristics of small size, strong performance, high integration, simple system composition, convenient installation, convenient debugging, quick maintenance and strong system stability. Multilevel of video networking system set up with face recognition, video analysis, intelligent video processing functions such as video diagnostic standard protocols, multiple interface to meet the market mainstream brand of video equipment access.