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On October 9, our company was invited to participate in the opening ceremony and roadshow meeting of the 3rd Public Safety Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of Jiangxi, one of the series activities of Jiangxi Provincial Public Entrepreneurship Week. As a state-level high-tech enterprise focusing on vision and pattern recognition in the field of artificial intelligence, Hillsun Technologies has demonstrated the core technologies of our company, such as face recognition.


01 嘉宾合影

▲Launching ceremony


As a roadshow conference, our company takes “the application of face recognition in population data management” as the theme, and combines with the current situation that with the acceleration of urbanization, urban population is becoming increasingly dense, population mobility is also increasing, social contradictions are becoming increasingly prominent, and public security situation is becoming increasingly serious, which greatly increases the comprehensive social governance. The difficulty of the theory also puts forward higher requirements for the public security organs to enhance their ability to fight, defend, control and control.


02 洪森唐总演讲

▲Mr. Tang of Hillsun give speech


Our company also showed the participants at the booth a variety of face recognition-based products, including face guards, face visitors and so on. With the rapid development of AI technology, video analysis technology represented by face recognition has been widely used in the public security field. It combines face monitoring, face entrance guard, certificate verification equipment with population data acquisition to solve the problems of residential management, key personnel management and control in communities, houses, hotels, Internet cafes, entertainment places, and so on. The problem of soft management of population management has changed from “passive defense” to “active defense”.


03 洪森展位展示

▲show the products of Hillsun to participants


Hillsun Technology has always adhered to the “safe, professional, reliable” brand culture, and made unremitting efforts to create a safe, convenient, stable and high-quality life together. At the same time, wish this competition a complete success!