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Position : HillSunTec > News > 【Company News】Hillsun Technology “lens” portable all-in-one machine, help Guangzhou Regimental Police detachment to ensure the work of Chung Yeung Festival.
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From October 16 to 17, the Guangzhou Regimental Police detachment of the Municipal Bureau carried out the security work of the Chung Yeung Festival in Baiyun Mountains with our “lens” portable one-in-one machine. Through the AI face recognition technology of the “lens” portable one-in-one machine, the high-efficiency and accurate analysis and investigation of large crowds were carried out to ensure the smooth progress of the security work. The product can control, identify, analyze, track and manage criminals. It not only greatly improves the work efficiency of the police, but also effectively reduces the burden of the police on duty in the temporary large flow of people in the investigation of places, so as to better maintain the security and stability of Baiyun Mountain and surrounding areas on the Chung Yeung Festival.




Hillsun’s “Lens” Portable Integrated Machine uses industry-leading face recognition algorithm, combined with video processing, image processing, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence and other fields of technology, can be flexibly and rapidly deployed in hotels, subway, airports, stations and other important entrances and exits for control, criminal investigation, surveillance, detection and other special tasks.


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As a state-level high-tech enterprise focusing on vision and pattern recognition in the field of artificial intelligence, Hillsun Technology responds well to the Outline of New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan, makes full use of Artificial Intelligence technology to enhance the public security guarantee ability, promotes the intelligent application of public security, and creates a good public security environment and unremitting efforts.