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Position : HillSunTec > News > [Company News] Blockbuster!! Hillsun Technology was invited to attend the 2nd Summit Forum of Advanced Rail Transit in Dawan District, Guangdong, HK&Macao
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On October 31, the 2nd Summit Forum on Advanced Rail Transit in Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao was solemnly held in Shenzhen. The forum was sponsored by the China Academy of Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University and the National Center for Electrification and Automation of Rail Transit. Academicians and experts of the Academy of Engineering in the field of Rail Transit made special reports on the topics of “Rail Transit Information Guarantee”, “High-speed Railway” and “High-speed Maglev”, and jointly discussed the field of rail transit. Frontier science and technology and key technology, the status quo and future development trend of rail transit are analyzed. Qian Guanglin, chairman of Hillsun Technology, was invited to participate in the discussion and exchange with experts, academicians and directors in the field of rail traffic.



The Forum has carried out in-depth analysis from the perspectives of rail transport equipment and information support, pantograph and catenary support, maglev technology and high-speed train thinking, and has made a detailed discussion on the future development of China’s railway and the construction of its technical system. The Forum has discussed the key common technology research, key equipment development, design and safe operation, respectively. In-depth exchanges and discussions were conducted. It also emphasizes the importance of the new generation of information technology for the development of rail transit.


As the representative of the enterprises participating in this conference, Hillsun Technology, as the only invited enterprise in the field of artificial intelligence, focuses on the use of leading intelligent graphics technology to effectively improve the intelligent operation of substations, and finally achieves the goal of intelligent operation and maintenance by combining with the operation and maintenance process. In the research projects of unattended substations, intelligent station management and assistant decision-making system, we should fully grasp the opportunities and challenges of the market and devote ourselves to becoming a demonstration enterprise of rail transit projects. By combining the market, we can solve the problem of rail intersection, further enhance the company’s R&D strength, and better realize the industrialization chain of R&D achievements. To give full play to the absolute competitiveness of the subdivision industry and promote the development and layout of our company in the field of rail transit.