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On November 1, academician Qian Qingquan, specialist in railway electrification and automation, and Professor Gao Shibin, Director of the National Research Center for Rail Transit Electrification and Automation Engineering Technology, visited Guangzhou Hillsun Technology Co., Ltd. for inspection and guidance, and joined with Mr. Qian Guanglin, chairman of Hillsun Technology, and R&D Department of the company. Executives from Rail Transport and Product Departments have conducted in-depth communication.

Academician Qian is the chief expert in the field of railway electrification and automation traction power supply in China. He has been devoting himself to the development of high-speed railway and high-speed maglev transportation for a long time. Director Gao is a top expert in the field of railway traction power supply technology in China. He has won the National Science and Technology Progress Award and the “He Liang He Li Fund Science and Technology Progress Award” for many times. His research results provide important technical support for the localization of China’s electrified railway equipment.


At the beginning of the meeting, Chairman Qian Guanglin gave a general report on Hillsun Technology to Academician Qian and Director Gao; Vice General Manager Liao made a technical report on the company’s products; and Director Xu of Rail Transit Department made a special report on “Railway Unmanned Substation System”. Subsequently, academician Qian, senior director and other experts visited Hunsen Science and Technology Research Center and product exhibition area. Unmanned substation system, metro passenger flow analysis system, face integrated control platform in artificial intelligence, AI cloud platform, public security, education and other industry application cases in Hillsun Science and Technology Rail Transit area are studied in detail.    


Academician Qian spoke highly of Hillsun’s research and development achievements in the field of artificial intelligence image processing and its application scenario in combination with the needs of rail transit industry. The company’s positioning conforms to the national strategy of Made in China 2025. At the same time, he encouraged Hun Sen Science and Technology as a start-up enterprise to apply AI original technology for rail transit. Enabling the industry to enhance the safe, efficient and environmentally friendly operation of China’s high-speed rail transit, and firmly grasp the opportunities of the times for the development of China’s rail transit. Director Gao highly affirmed Hunsen’s team’s efforts to overcome technical barriers by using AI to assist railway power supply safety, and from the perspective of “intelligent traction power supply”, made in-depth research on domestic railway and rail transit intelligent power supply and transformation facilities, intelligent operation and maintenance status, intelligent dispatching difficulties, rail transit high-speed communication network and other aspects.

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Experts unanimously affirmed Hillsun’s R&D strength in the field of AI and its potential in the field of rail transit. During the meeting, the two sides expressed strong cooperation intentions in strengthening the technical cooperation of “Intelligent Traction Substation for Rail Transit”, deepening Hillsun Technology “Railway Unattended Substation System” and “Intelligent Analysis of Safety Guarantee of High-speed Railway Pantograph-catenary System”.




Hillsun Technology is a national high-tech enterprise, and the rail transit industry is one of the three strategic industries of Hillsun Technology. Railway unattended substation system “, led by AI experts, took three years to complete the core technology research and development. In view of the current situation and characteristics of power supply system, the core technology is artificial intelligence and big data analysis. The operation data and historical data of power supply system are excavated and analyzed to realize fault prediction and intelligent push maintenance decision-making, improve the operation and maintenance level of power supply system, health management level, liberate human resources and improve operation and maintenance efficiency. “Railway unattended substation system” has passed the national “new product technology identification”, and has been popularized in Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway, Hengliu high-speed railway, Jiangmao Railway, Guangping Railway and other operating lines.