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Update:2018-11-27 Label:2018-11-27company news, News

Recently, Guangzhou Power Supply Section of China Railway Guangzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. announced the successful bidding results of the project of “Yangjiang Traction Substation Remote Unmanned Monitoring System Construction”. Our company succeeded in winning the bid by relying on the industry frontier advantage in the field of artificial intelligence image processing and the scientific research strength of rail transit power supply system.


Yangjiang Substation on Jiangmao Line applies unmanned remote monitoring system, from standard demonstration project to intelligent acquisition and analysis, from data model calculation to emergency fault prediction, from traditional substation manual inspection and meter reading, to intelligent inspection, scientific diagnosis, accurate decision-making, combined with large data analysis, and many systems. The integrated management system of intellectualized operation and maintenance is formed by the application of unified linkage, which not only greatly improves the work efficiency, but also plays a good role in reducing staff and increasing efficiency. It has won the unanimous recognition and wide praise of customers after the implementation of the system in many substations in China. In 2018, the system passed the new product (technology) appraisal and was recognized as the domestic advanced level.

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The successful bid of Hillsun Technology represents the recognition of the comprehensive strength and technical level of Hillsun Technology by China Railway Guangzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. The accuracy of Hillsun’s strategy of “scientific and technological security, intelligent acceleration, escort for the intelligent development of railway” has been confirmed once again. Hillsun Technology will also accompany the rapid development of rail transit industry, continue to innovate, and contribute wisdom and strength to China’s rail transport industry.