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Position : HillSunTec > News > Official announcement:Hillsun Technology and Nanchang Railway Public Security Successfully Signed Contracts to Help Information Construction in Public Security Field
Update:2018-12-28 Label:2018-12-28company news, News

Recently, under the background of vigorously deploying the “Snow Bright Project” nationwide, Hillsun Technology Co., Ltd. and Nanchang Railway Public Security have successfully signed a contract. Both sides have reached a consensus on the common development of information construction in the field of public security. Relying on the core technology of Hillsun Technology Artificial Intelligence, combined with the actual needs of railway public security, Hillsun Face Recognition System will be deployed in public places such as railway stations. We should earnestly achieve the goal of requiring police force from science and technology, fully strengthen the systematic management of urban population by public security departments, and further promote the in-depth construction of the intelligent security monitoring system in Jiangxi Province.


Hillsun Face Recognition System is based on the industry-leading intelligent analysis technology, combined with the actual needs of customers, through dynamic face control technology to identify key groups, effectively identify, analyze, control and manage criminals. By arranging front-end video acquisition equipment at key entrances and exits of railway stations, airports and bus stations, real-time video is captured and compared with background blacklist database in real-time. Suspects are identified and alarmed in real-time, thus assisting public security organs to identify and capture illegal elements quickly and accurately.


The cooperation fully illustrates that Hillsun’s face recognition system to a large extent helps the public security to extricate themselves from the past ” huge-crowd strategy”, improves the overall security level of public security and society, and achieves the purpose of deterring criminals, punishing criminals, maintaining social stability and guaranteeing people’s security.