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Update:2015-12-08 Label:2015-12-08News, trade news

Under the excellent GIS enterprise to promote with Esri, the GIS has become the break through limit of the ecological environment of popularization, mobility, and cloud server in the domestic market. And also help the domestic partners of GIS industry break through the limit from the local matket to internationalization in China.

Driven by technological innovation and market demand, the GIS had successfully completed the transition to become the Internet carrier as geography platform. The new platform has changed the traditional way of GIS working and application model, it let anyone share and use the geographic knowledge in anytime and anywhere, it makes using the GIS application a greater improvement.


China’s geographic information industry sustained growth and rapid increasing contribution to the market in recent years. The geographic information makes the contact more strong and close with the government and the enterprise management also and people daily life, on the other hand, the development of social economy is also in demand for geographic information services. With the huge commercial value of the geographic information industry has advantages such as high technical content, less resource consumption, growth of potential, good economic benefit, and attracting talent, it has become integral to the economy in China.
In China, Esri always been a way  through exerting the value of geographical information to help users to success. Esri actively participate and support the development of China’s geography science and GIS technology for all the times.

Four years ago, Esri established the research and development center in Beijing China, it committed to the maximum to the Chinese market and users, Esri will let advanced technology and management methods combined with market, talents, and resources in China. For now, the research and development center in China has developed a batch of domestic products independently, and also register the patent of China’s intellectual property rights.

However,the Esri has had a lot of achievements in China, and more important is Esri numerous Chinese partners, has built a huge network of cooperation, the world advanced  GIS platform technology and products has had a success combined with China’s technology and resources. According to the user’s requirements and characteristics and provides industry solutions that is a win-win situation for Esri and China’s partners.

The value of geographic information has also been more emphasis on industry field,with the development of GIS into the universal application stage. The specific application combined with the GIS、general business system and professional,it can provide a variety of functions to all kind of users such as business analysis, customer management, site location, logistics distribution, competitive analysis etc.