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Update:2015-12-03 Label:2015-12-03News, trade news

The Sensor is one of important parts of the Internet of things hierarchy of perception, is the basis and prerequisite of the Internet of things. The sensor data main source of the front-end equipment present to rapid development momentum with development of intelligent city and the big data.


Sensor has been applied to every social life and production of human, such as intelligent medical and health care, vehicle and telematics、the smart grid, smart manufacturing, and military etc.

Referencing the data by Institute of Electronic Science and technology information 《White paper of the sensor industry in China (2015) 》,it had risen from $72 billion in 2010,  to $126 billion in 2014 in sensor global market, average annual growth rate of 15%, and will maintain growth of 10% to 20% over the next five years.

Improve the status of the sensor is through by the rapid rise of the Internet of things, to become an important industry of development opportunities in the world. China will also develop as an important strategic emerging industry of sensor industry. And domestic sensor market is growing fast driven with the policy support and market applications. And it had risen 39.7 billion Yuan in 2010 to $86.5 billion in 2014, and average annual growth rate of 21.4%. The sensor will grow faster than the global average with the wearable product, Internet, vehicle and medical etc. Also expected to more than 300 billion Yuan in 2020.

China’s sensor industry has completed industrial system from the technical research and development, design, production and application, the part of the segments has firmly established leading level on the world. Such as based on micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) of sensor, it’s a main product to the sensor market.

However,the domestic sensor products still with lower-end technology and behind the world. For now, the development,production and application of sensor in about 40 countries, the research development institutions was more than 6000. Among the United States, Japan and Germany has strong strength and still in the driver side of the market, they are share of over 60% in the world. The high-end sensor imported for 80% in Chinese market, especially for serious lack products of digital, intelligent and miniaturization.

The recommend for domestic sensor enterprises is through the independent innovation to realize this rapid growth, and pay attention to application and protection of patent on the constructing platform. And become famous sensor manufacturers on the world.