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Update:2015-07-06 Label:2015-07-06company news, News

On June of 28 in 2005,HillSun signed a strategic cooperation relationship with Omniview, which is domestic famous security company in Malaysia, Indonesia.  It means HillSun official to start the developing international market of Southeast Asia, to actively promote the good foundation of HillSun security product technology development and application in the international market, thus promote and enhance HillSun security industry innovation and development.


This strategic cooperation is HillSun first time to develop the international market, it new milestone of the company’s international security business development, and also it strategic importance. They are both consensuses: Based on development of each company’s advantage and technology, and core technology breakthrough in the security industry, and promote the status of security industry in the international market. Finally to develop the coordinated and advantages security industry for national and regional.