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In recent years, China’s HSR (high-speed rail) has caught worldwide attention and become synonymous with the rapid long-run growth of China economy. China HSR is booming, and years of development has led to unique advantages and helped quicken the steps for “going abroad”. Its flourishing has made China’s Premier Li Keqiang the “the super salesman”, and China HSR is drawing widespread attention and it’s becoming China’s new name card to the world. Some foreign medias even compare this “HSR Diplomacy” to Ping-Pong Diplomacy and Panda Diplomacy, which indicates that China’s diplomacy is getting more pragmatic.


13At present, the total high-speed rail mileage in mainland China is up to 17,000KM, accounting for 55% of  total global mileage. It’s longer than total length of high-speed rail of anywhere else in the world. There is 9,600KM of rail with a speed of 300KM per hour, accounting for 60% of the national rail, and transporting 110million passengers every year, which throughput is globally 55%. China HSR helps create great convenience for public travel and boosts the local economy. Of course, China HSR will benefit Chinese people most by producing substantial revenue, but in the meantime it will increase China’s influence in the world, changing our international friends’ impression of China.


1.    In 2015, new technologies introduced to China HSR

In June 2015, China developed the world’s most advanced high-speed rail traction technology – PMSM traction system.


In July 2015, Beijing “Harmony” high-speed rail (220 trains) signed cooperation with SENSORO. Sensoro box would open SDK for easy access of various APPs to HSR sensor network, thus making transportation intelligent.


In October 22, 2015, Chinese highest-class 6500V “Chinese core” was published. It was independently created by Yongji Motor Factory, which shows that China has the world’s highest-voltage-level IGBT module design and manufacturing technology and is able to commercialize its applications.


2.    Security is indispensible in HSR operation

HSR does not say “security system”. Instead, video surveillance and other security sub-systems are included in HSR’s “four power” system and information system. They also have systems for electronic devices on the train and train operation safety. In addition, along the railway line set security equipments.

Metal detector to ensure food security

To avoid hair, small stones or other foreign articles in the food, one more process of manual picking was added in transportation peak during Spring Festival. But even with most meticulous hand, there should occur inevitably certain “small accident”. To deal with this, Beijing Railway has especially brought in two processes—metal detection and X-ray irradiation. The former will send an alarm once it detects any metal in food. Then under X-ray irradiation, metals have no way to hide and some hard matter like tiny stone can also be noticed. Once the machine detect any foreign matter, it will suddenly “get angry” by throwing out the box of food, which will be taken away and checked by man.


Electronic fence to ensure boundary security

In October 2015, the first security “electronic fence” in China was launched in Wuhu, Anhui province. This electronic fence is 1.5KM long. It can carry out low pressure alarm and video capture with the goal to avoid touching and crossing the railway fence. With high-voltage grid, it can not only give alarm about intrusion, but also electrically hit the intruders to effectively stop their illegal behavior.


3.    Conclusion

No security means no credibility and no recognition by society. In HSR transport, one small accident can turn into a big disaster. Security systems by combining advanced technology in high-speed railway security management supports to ensure safe operation for railway and safe travel for passengers. It greatly contributes to China HSR.